Age is never a factor for what’s beautiful inside a woman. Apart from external beauty, judges also look at the cast-iron confidence of the participants on stage. This particular factor perfectly sets up our Grandma India beauty pageant.

This beauty pageant is specifically dedicated to those women in the society, who have spent all their lives take care of their family, their household or consistently performing at workplace. QnQ hold these women in high esteem and thus, to honor their perseverance of dealing with so many responsibilities in life, we came up with this idea to showcase their journey on stage.

At QnQ, we can use this pageant as a platform to bring various social issues to light. With our help and support, we firmly believe that women can be a catalyst for social change. Therefore, Grandma India is a medium to make aware of the changes needed to make the world a better place.

So, are you on the wrong side of the 50’s? Don’t worry, we whole-heartedly invite you to participate in this event and aspire to become the next Grandma India!

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