John F. Kennedy once said, "Children are the living messages we send to a me we will not see."

Children are our future; our life's best work. In their growth and success lies our satisfaction.

For the very first me in India QnQ presents to you the beauty pageant for girls aged 6 to 13 — Miss Sweetheart, a competitive platform which will give your child the opportunity to display her prowess and talents as she endeavours to become the nation's Sweetheart!

At QnQ, your child will be given a platform to discover her talents and develop her personality. She will learn and interact with children from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Our pageant brings children together in a fun and caring environment where they have the opportunity to showcase their skills as they flourish in a national arena.

Our pageant is about putting your best foot forward. Your child will be encouraged to further develop qualities like discipline, perseverance, self confidence, sportsmanship, social skills, etc. For example, most people find public speaking intimidating, to a large extent because they haven't done it before. Your child will have a head start since beauty pageants help one overcome shyness, stage fright and nervousness by sheer virtue of participation.

Become the next Miss Sweetheart!

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