For the first me ever in India, Queens N Queens International brings you an opportunity to participate in a beauty pageant specifically for married women, Queen India. The brainchild of QnQ International's Promoter Ms Vaishali Dake‐Musale, the pageant has been designed to reward the real women of substance, the ones who are not only integral to their family or to their workplace, but also contribute to their communities at large. For these women, their beauty is just a small part of who they are. It is their consciousnesses, their intelligence, and their awareness and passion for a cause that truly defines them.

The woman who typifies a Queen India contestant is one who is a good citizen of the country and the world, who believes in helping those who can't help themselves, who possesses the energy and vigour to inspire people around her, and lead them to work for the betterment of her community, and thereby the world at large. This is a woman who has strong principles and character, who is compassionate and charming, yet resilient and full of determination.

A beauty pageant for the married women of India between the ages of 21 and above.

Queen India has been created to honour these women, to celebrate them. We seek to provide inspiration of the millions of Indian women out there facing various difculties in their life, to motivate them to overcome these difculties, and to drive them forward to success. We hope to make Queen India the showcase for what women can achieve if they are determined to succeed, never giving up on their dreams.

And if you believe that you are one of these women, we invite you to join us, and be an example to your community, to your country, and to the world at large. Because now, with our international collaborations, we will be sending the winners to the international pageants in various countries to participate globally.

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