The women of Maharashtra have always been known to be vivacious. Full of charm, grace, and laughter, ladies from the western state have always been the cynosure of the country's eyes. It is in their honour that Queens N Queens International has introduced Queen Maharashtrachi, a beauty pageant for the married women of Maharashtra origin between the ages of 21 and above.

With its strong underpinnings in art, music, literature, theatre and dance, Maharashtrian culture has much to be proud of, and women have been equal contributors to its richness and depth. Queen Maharashtrachi has been conceptualized and designed with this in mind, with a special focus on the contestants' knowledge and awareness of their state's cultural heritage. This is not just any beauty pageant, but a celebra on of a colourful and vibrant people.

Continuing with the theme of a beauty pageant with a diference, we have also chosen to bring to light the various social issues facing Maharashtra in this contest. We believe women can be drivers of social change, and with our help and support, they can get the right impetus to bring this change about. Therefore, Queen Maharashtrachi will also collaborate and support various civil society groups and assist them in their endeavours to find permanent solutions to the various problems facing the state.

And so we invite you, ladies of this fascinating land, to join us in this festival of beauty, this gathering of conscientious souls, where those with a heart and mind to transform their communities come together to bring smiles to the people of Maharashtra. Join us, if you are one of those who wish to lead from the front, to have a positive and lasting influence on your state, and finally, to be chosen as Maharashtrachi Queen!

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